Toilet Train Your Cat

Toilet Train Your Cat

Remember the scene in that classic Ben Stiller movie “Meet the Parents” where De Niro’s cat uses the toilet like a human-being? Well here are a few simple steps you can follow to toilet train your own pet kitty at home.

Toilet training your cat can be a fun way to bond with your new or old pet, or it can just eliminate those frustrating days when you go downstairs and find a lovely chocolate surprise in your kitchen sink. Whatever your reasons, though, the fruits of your labour are truly accomplished when you can have a good old laugh and knee-slap watching your cat defaecate like a human-being. Below are a few simple steps you can follow to toilet train your little kitty; please be patient though, and remember your hard work will pay dividends.

1) Move your kitty-litter tray into the bathroom, and place it next to the toilet. Do this for a few days and let the kitty know this is where they will be doing their business from now on.

2) Gradually raise the kitty-litter tray (let’s say every day or so) until it is of equal height to your toilet seat. Secure the tray if you feel it may fall off when the kitty jumps up.

3) When level with the height of the toilet seat, gradually move the tray (again, let’s say every day or so) sideways until it is directly above the toilet. You should also begin to put less litter in the tray, until there is just a thin layer.

4) Remove the litter tray and replace it with wax paper. In doing this you should lift the toilet seat up and tape the wax paper to the sides of the top of the toilet basin, then lower the seat. Use flushable kitty-litter if possible.

5) Gradually make a widening hole in the wax paper so that the cat is now actually using the toilet correctly. Eventually the hole will become so big there is no need to use wax paper anymore.

Your kitty should now be using the toilet correctly, but be patient throughout the process and remember to always flush, and to reward your pet when necessary. Be Warned – do not toilet train an actual kitten, a kitten can drown in your toilet – please, big kitties only! Here are a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. Lulz.

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