Get TOGAF Certification for Improving Your Career Opportunities as a Senior Architect

The popularity of the TOGAF certificationamong IT leads, developers, and architects is increasing day by day. 

TOGAF is popular among architects who work on a variety of domains, which are data, security, enterprise, systems, and applications. The number of architects who have already received the TOGAF Foundation Level certification is really huge. So, before it gets too late, get thiscredential and improve your career path by becoming a senior architect.

What is TOGAF?

The full form of TOGAF is “The Open Group Architecture Framework”. TOGAF is actually a developmental method for planning and designing enterprise-level IT architecture. The TOGAF’s first version was developed on the framework of Technical Architecture by the Department of Defense or DoD. The Department of Defense handed over the TOGAF framework to the Open Group Institute, and it is handled by them ever since. Now, many IT professionals who working in different domains, such as data, security, enterprise, systems, and applications, gettheTOGAF certification for proving their skills to work as an enterprise level senior architect. TOGAF is mainly used to help enterprises and organizations design the ultimate IT infrastructure according to their individual requirements. The trained and certified TOGAF IT professionals are respected in the organizations and more preferred than non-certified specialists. So, the demand forthesecertified IT professionals is really high.

TOGAF certification exam details

If you have decided to get the TOGAF certification, then you need to know everything about the exam. At first, you need to go through the training courses and prepare for the test before attending the actual exam. As you’ll be attending the latest version of the TOGAF credential, you need to search the information about it online. There are two types of the test: one is a foundation-level exam and another is a certification-level exam. The first test, TOGAF Foundation Level 1, includes multiple-choice questions that will examine your knowledge of the basic concepts and core principles of TOGAF. After you successfully complete the TOGAF Foundation Level 1 exam, you have to sit for the TOGAF Certified Level 2 exam. A second-level test is tougher than the previous one, which is completely scenario-based. Without having a deep and clear understanding of TOGAF fundamentals, no aspirant can pass the TOGAF Certified Level 2 exam. You can complete the foundation level test before the certified level test, or you can do both exams together – it completely depends on you.

What’s the actual job of the TOGAF certified IT professional?

The TOGAF certified IT professional acts as a “simplifier” who is responsible for creating the entire IT infrastructure. This certified specialist demystifies the complex and high-level technical processes easily. The TOGAF certified IT professionalshould know the core principles of developing high-grade enterprise infrastructure architecture.The TOGAF certification bears extreme importance in an architect’s career. If you really want to ensure that your career path grows effectively, then you should get thiscredential. Then, you can apply for the senior level architect positions in the organization. Here are the tasks that the TOGAF certified IT specialist performs:

  • Develop a complex but long-term IT strategy for the organizations according to their unique requirements.
  • Make sure that the designed IT infrastructure supports the overall business strategy well.
  • Create the complete technology roadmap for developing the technology infrastructure.
  • Different fields that the TOGAF certified IT professionals have to work on include the architecture strategy, architecture review, portfolio management, governance committees, technology lifecycles, etc.

Different job titles for the TOGAF certified IT professionals

The TOGAF certification offers a wide variety of job titles to the IT professional, including IT Enterprise Architects, Solutions Architects, IT Architects, Software Architects, IT Directors, and many more. It is for those architects who want to move to a senior level architect post in the organization. The TOGAF credential generally lasts for two years, and an individual has to pass the exam after attending the training course from ExamSnapbefore it expires. As the TOGAF certification increases the pay scale massively, you shouldn’t miss out this great opportunity to improve your career path. In short, getting the TOGAF credential can ensure a better future with great opportunities.

Why should you get the TOGAF certification?

The TOGAF certificatecan actually change your entire life by bringing greater opportunities to you. Here are some reasons for getting thiscredential:

  • It is in high demand.

Most of the enterprises and organizations look for the IT professionals and architects who have the TOGAF credential. The TOGAF Certification DumpsIT professionals not only plan the organization’s enterprise architecture, but also develop the effective technology strategy for a long-term basis. As developing great IT infrastructure requires great knowledge and skills, the technology architectures with the TOGAF certification are always in demand.

  • It can boost up your salary and help to build a successful career.

Yes. You can get greater hikes in your salary simply by getting the TOGAF certification. This credential can make you a senior level architect in the organization and thus you can enjoy a good hike in your salary as well. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your salary and get the TOGAF certificate on time.

  • It is a budget-friendly certification to get.

Getting the TOGAF credential is cost-effective, and you don’t have to invest much money in getting the certification. The cost of the procedure is lower than 200 dollars. This sumincludes the training courses costs and foundation level exam fees or certification level exam fees. Undoubtedly, it’s a worthy investment to boost your career.


There are no specific prerequisites to take the TOGAF Foundation Level 1 test, but you can’t sit for the TOGAF certification Level 2 exam without completing the Level 1 course successfully. In case you fail to pass any of these two tests, you can retake them butonly after 30 days. Remember thatthe number of attempts is limited and you cantake a maximum of 3 attemptsin a year. So, prepare well and get the TOGAF credential for your benefit.


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