Toddler Snatched By Eagle – Fake?

Golden Eagle - Child Snatcher

So there’s this big eagle and it snatches a toddler in a park. Maybe it’s a fake? Who gives a shit… maybe we’re all computer simulations anyway?

Golden Eagle - Child SnatcherThis video rocked up on line on Tuesday and has already clocked in more than 2.5 million views. It’s a little baby in Montreal, Canada getting snatched by a Golden Eagle before being dropped seconds later. Sounds good yeah? Right up my street, I’m a bit of a twitcher in my spare time, so mixing up bird watching and LOLz is the perfect combo, if only there was a graph at the end of the video, then I would be in 8th heaven.

Golden Eagles are pretty amazing buggers, their wingspans can be 6ft plus, and they love chowing down on lambs, calves, goats and whatever other beasts they come across. So a toddler is well within the size range of it’s normal prey. “Experts” are saying the video is fake, it could well be. I certainly don’t have a clue. I’m an idiot remember so I couldn’t tell you if the “shadow was in the wrong place” or if the “baby keeps rising after the eagle has let go” or if the bird is actually a ” juvenile eastern imperial eagle which isn’t indigenous to North America”. I also don’t care. It looks believable, and it looks awesome. Make your own mind up, or don’t bother even thinking about it. It doesn’t matter either way tbh. It’s just another mental video nestled amongst the billions of other nuggets of weird that make up this wacky web we all inhabit.

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