Toby Carvery Are Now Serving Nachos In A Yorkshire Pudding

Is this what people need?

Another day and another famous restaurant chain in the UK is unveiling a completely ridiculous menu item with this one coming from the often forgotten Toby Carvery.

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Toby Carvery clearly wants to get back to the top of the ‘cheap carvery in a provincial town’ tree and that’s probably why they’ve decided to add these new menu items, although I’m not sure how successful they’re going to be. Sure, the mushrooms and bacon and cheese potatoes – at least that’s what I think those are – look OK, but I’m really not sure about the nachos served in a Yorkshire pudding and the yorkshire puddings with some weird crap on them.

Take a look below and see what you think:

Yeah I’m not convinced by that photo or the description ‘Nachos in a Yorkie
Nachos topped with cheese sauce, pulled pork, smashed avocado, tomato salsa and green chillies served in our famous giant Yorkshire pudding’ and they look even weirder in the flesh:

I mean yeah that looks even worse than I could have imagined really? I know you’re not getting the best quality when you hit up a Toby Carvery but you think they might try and make it look a bit better than that right? On top of that I’m not even sure what the advantage of serving the nachos in a Yorkshire Pudding is – it’s not like any of the foods contained in it go well with a Yorkshire Pudding?

Has nobody ever realised that Yorkshire Puddings don’t exist in Mexico or America to serve nachos in for this very reason? Just really strange banter although I am vaguely tempted to check it out to see how weird it can actually be? Really strange banter from Toby Carvery though, really strange.

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