Tiziano Crudeli could be the best/most insane football commentator ever.

I’ve seen clips of Tiziano Crudeli’s commentary before on the internet but he really outdid himself yesterday during the AC Milan V Barcelona match in the Champions League. For those of you who don’t know Tiziano Crudeli is the equivalent of someone like Paul Merson on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday – a guy who sits in the studio watching the matches and then tells the audience what’s going on. Of course, everyone knows that the best thing about Soccer Saturday – aside from Chris Kamara’s updates or THAT drinking game – is when the guys shout about something happening in their match over someone else talking.

Well, the Italians take it to the next level. This Tiziano Crudeli is already world famous for being absolutely insane and there are a number of videos of him on YouTube that I’ll probably feature later at some point (you know, get those hits up) but for now we’ll just look at last night’s performance which has already been doing the rounds on the internet and has a sweet video made up for it including music and slow motion replays. Basically it seems like Tiziano Crudeli is a huge AC Milan fan and goes crazy every time he’s watching one of their games – and I mean a huge fan in levels that I can’t even begin to fathom due to his reactions to all of the goals last night.

It isn’t even worth describing them really as it will spoilt the fun so you might as well just check out the video of Tiziano Crudeli last night. If you think his reaction to Ibrahimovic’s goal is good, wait until you see his reaction to Kevin Prince Boateng’s. The joy in each is only confounded by the absolute disdain when Barcelona score. Think as well that this was how Tiziano Crudeli acted in an essentially pointless (both teams had qualified for the next round, it was just left to decide who came top) Champions League match – how does he act in an important match? Stay tuned for more Tiziano Crudeli on Sick Chirpse, this surely isn’t the last we’ll feature of him.

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