Meet Trick Shot Titus, The 24 Month Old Kid With A Killer Basketball Shot

Basketball Kid

Meet Titus, the sickest basketball player you’ll witness this week. And he’s only 24 months old.

Most toddlers these day are custom to monging out to Pepper Pig, pissing off the house pet or going completely west in the local park from over indulging on sweets.

However, I was browsing the web and stumbled upon young Titus, an incredible basket ball player form America. The parents of Titus noticed he had a talent shortly after he started walking and were keen to start recording all his trick shots. The video is a montage of shots from when he was 18 months to 24 months old.

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The video shows Titus netting the ball off the back board, off walls, from several feet away and makes his siblings look like a bunch of pussies by netting it from the shooting line past all 3 of them. Be prepared to be at the bottom of the food chain kids, Titus probably owns all right to the TV for the rest of his life.

No doubt that skill like this won’t go unnoticed, several kids have recently attracted professional attention by making YouTube videos much like this one. In 2012, 9 – year old Mike Miles made a pretty impressive video that was noticed by President Barack Obama and many NBA players, so after your mind has been blown by this guy you should probably check him out as well.

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Judging by the comments and popularity of the video, we will probably see young Titus in distant future repping a tasty Nike shoe whispering ‘swish” as he makes the net his bitch in a TV commercial, and with his parents being his biggest fans and also fetching him over a million YouTube hits who says he cant get to the top. However they are still waiting for some attention form the big dogs.

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Enjoy the video and show some appreciation for the little guy.

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