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Prom is one of the most important parts of the life of a high school student. Girls get ready for the prom and want to look their best. Most girls start thinking about their looks as soon as the date of the prom is announced. One of the most important parts of the prom look is the makeup. Hence, we have listed ten important tips that girls should follow while creating their prom looks.

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Use Primer as the Base of Your Makeup

You need to do everything so that your makeup last for a long time. So, the first step of your makeup has to be applying the primer after your moisturizer. The primer will help the foundation stay on your face for a longer time. This way you will need lesser touch-ups even after a long time of dancing and sweating. Just make sure that the primer you buy suits your skin type and does not cause any reactions on your skin.

Select the Foundation Carefully

The primer is the base for the foundation, but the foundation is the base for all the makeup that you will put. So, select your foundation properly. Buy the foundation accordingtoyourskin type(normal, dry, oily,or sensitive). The second thing to consider is the color of the foundation you are buying. The color of the foundation should match the color of your face and neck.

Blend the Foundation onAll the Exposed Areas

With the foundation, you need to be careful that your face matches the entire body. Since there is going to be many cameras and flashes at the prom, you should look great in all places. Even if you are unable to see the difference in the foundation color with the naked eye, the camera can capture it all. So, make sure that you apply the foundation and blend it evenly on all parts of your face, neck, and shoulders so that it does not look odd.

Delicate Contouring Is the Key

Most of the girls who do their makeup by themselves learn from online websites such as YouTube or Although the tutorials on these websites are good for learning the techniques, the makeup artists apply a lot of makeup products on their faces to show you the technique. You will not find them going out with so much makeup on their faces. So, make sure that you keep the contour subtle, otherwise, you will end up with a chiseled look on your face.

Pay Special Attention to the Brows

Your eyebrows are important for you to complete the look. So, after you have applied your foundation, start doing your eyebrows. Buy the eyebrow product that matches the color of your brows. Apply the product with light hands in the direction of the hair growth. Once you are done, lightly comb through the hair so that it looks natural. Natural-looking brows are in trend now.

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Don’t Forget to Prime the Eyes

We have already mentioned the importance of primer for the face. Most people forget that they need to prime their eyelids as well. They usually apply foundation and even concealer to the eyelids to give an even appearance to the face. This should not be done. The makeup you will be wearing for the prom should last for a long time, and the eyelids tend to get oily after a couple of hours. So, it would help if you prime your eyes with an eye primer.Thus, your eyeshadow can blend smoothly and will not wear out.

Apply Waterproof Makeup

Mascara gives the illusion of big and beautiful eyes. However, there is a possibility that the mascara will run down and make you look like a panda in no time if it is not waterproof. Since it’s your prom, you will be dancing for a long time. The room will be crowded, and there is a possibility that you will be sweating. This means that there is a chance for your makeup to run down your face. So, make sure that your eyeliner and mascara are waterproof.

Use Lip Liner for Longer Staying Lipstick

If you want to enjoy your prom without running to the washroom to fix your makeup too often, then use this technique. Line your lips with a lip pencil before you apply your lipstick. You can also fill your lips with it if you want. Once you are done, apply lipstick. You can make it even better by applying some powder before the second coat of lipstick. This will make your lip makeup bulletproof.

Realize the Importance of Setting Spray or Powder

Once you are done with your makeup, do not forget to set it so that it does not budge. If you do not set your makeup, the masterpiece you have created will get ruined, and you do not want that to happen. So, use a setting spray or bake your face (with a special translucent powder) so that your makeup stays in its place for the longest time possible.

Try Out Your Look Before the Actual Day

This is the most important tip of all. Make sure you have tried out doing your makeup before the day of the prom. We are almost sure that you will be in a hurry to apply your makeup and get ready for the prom, and you won’t have time to make mistakes. Hence, make sure that you already decide the look you want to go for so that you can do it in one go.

These are some tips that girls can follow for their prom makeup. You can also go to the websites such as Fabulive and check out some amazing prom looks featured by makeup artists from all over the world. Additionally, you can also purchase the makeup products on Fabulive and use them to create your ideal makeup for the prom night.


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