A Tiny Monolith Has Appeared Outside A Sweet Shop In Pittsburgh

Another day, another monolith.

We’ve been consumed with monolith fever over the past couple of weeks as we look for any kind of news to distract us from the bleakness of Coronavirus and the tier system, but it seems like it’s getting a bit stupid now with the emergence of a mini monolith outside a sweet shop in Pittsburgh.

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The smaller version of the monolith appeared outside Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop on Thursday morning and they were quick to post about it on Facebook. Their owner Christopher J Beers was also eager to discuss the monolith, telling UNILAD the following:

The approximately 10ft tall metal monolith appeared in front of our shop in the early morning hours on Thursday.

It’s been quite an attraction stopping passerby’s in their tracks. Those who know about the recent phenomenon are surprised to find one here in front of my store, Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop. Most take a selfie or give it a hug.

Hmmm, something about the way he’s talking sounds awfully smug doesn’t it? My betting on this one would be that Beers just had a connection at the local metalworks and got someone to knock up a smaller monolith for him so he could big up Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop.

I mean at least the other ones were found in the middle of nowhere, this one just reeks of crass commercialisation doesn’t it? People are really trying their best to ruin the whole monolith narrative aren’t they?

For more of the same, here’s everything we know about the mysterious monoliths that have been appearing over the last week and a bit. Every one seems to have a different story.


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