Guy On Tinder Ridiculously Explains What Life With Him Would Be Like


This is how to make a good first impression. Not.

Anyone who has ever used Tinder knows that that opening line is really important – you can’t just say ‘hey what’s up’ because that’s what everyone says, you really have to make an impression if you want to get that first date with the girl of your dreams or you’ll end up like this guy with one of the most messed up Tinder stories ever.

This can mean a variety of things, like saying something really wacky or funny or just anything out of the box really. This guy here though took it to the next level big time though with this insane opening gambit for a Tinder date. Although it’s pretty funny and apt and it might end up with him getting what he once, it really is fucking ridiculous and the fact that Jules posted on her Twitter account rather than messaging him back probably implies that she wasn’t that impressed with it either.

Still, it’s a better tactic than the most evil man on Tinder, that’s for sure. Shame that neither of them are destined to ever have much success in the dating game.

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