Tim Armstrong – frontman of gutter punks Rancid – has announced a new musical theatre series in the style of the Twilight Zone starring famous punk rockers. Seriously.

I don’t feature punk stuff on Sick Chirpse that much because I feel like nobody really gives a shit, but I feel like this is mainstream enough and retarded enough to warrant bringing it to everyone’s attention.

Tim Armstrong – the singer/guitarist/songwriter/former heroin addict of legendary punk band Rancid – recently announced that he was going to be premiering a kind of musical anthology series which was gonna be kinda like a punk rock version of Glee crossed with The Outer Limits/Twilight Zone. At least I think that’s what he’s trying to say, although Tim Armstrong’s musical TV series seems to follow the tried and tested formula of updating classic novels and putting them in a modern, punk rock setting. Very edgy/now.

To make the idea even more ridiculous instead of casting legitimate actors Tim Armstrong has seen fit to cast his punk rock buddies and some semi famous kind of people in the roles of classic characters, so in the first episode – a modern take on Dante’s Inferno – you get Lars Fredericksen playing the protagonist, some dude who has been in CSI a really long time playing someone else and Davey Havok as some retro/gay version of the Devil. Guess that’s the Glee influence?

Anyway the show is going to be shown on Vevo anr premieres on October 24th. Mark the date in your diaries! This is kind of cool I guess, as it’s the first original show to be premiered on Vevo, so I guess it might be remembered for something else other than being completely awful. I mean come on, the whole idea is completely ridiculous, there is no way that it can be good.

Even though the trailer below makes it look way better than I thought it would, there is still no way that this can turn out good. I mean, I thought Punk Rock Holocaust (a little known horror DVD from the early 00’s where punk bands on the Warped Tour got murdered) and it probably turned out to be the worst movie I ever saw.

I bet it will be so cliched and badly paced/directed. I bet Tim Armstrong does that thing where he’s the narrator of the show and will appear in his weird house or in some weird situation before and after the storyline where he spouts the moral of the story or blows out some stupid soundbyte like ‘All’s fair in love and punk.’ Admittedly these parts are usually my favourite parts in said shows, but I don’t think Tim Armstrong can pull it off that well, considering how gross his voice is and how crap it sounds on the narration to the trailer. I just can’t see how it’s a good idea. I feel like it’s just definitely going to suck.

Oh yeah and another thing, the show is called Tim Timebomb’s Rock N Roll Theatre. Come on, TimTimebomb? I get it’s Tim Timebomb because of the Rancid Song Timebomb but I think the show would be cooler, more interesting and get more respect from punks – which surely must be at least a LARGE percentage of the target audience, right? – if it was just called Tim Armstrong’s Rock N Roll Theatre. Tim Timebomb? Give me a break. I bet this sucks. Check out the trailer, let me know what you think in the comments. Am I being too harsh and is this a really good idea? I want to know. HMU.

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