TikTok Star Is Getting Roasted For Trying To Pass Off Ashanti’s ‘Foolish’ As Her Own Song

How did she think she was gonna get away with this?

Teenage TikTok star Danielle Cohn is catching some flak online after she shared a preview of what she claimed was her own song but really was a cover of 2002 Ashanti song ‘Foolish’.

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Cohn gained a sizable following back in 2016 by lip-syncing along to famous tracks, and in 2018 announced she was moving to LA to pursue a music career.

I guess it’s not really going too well because fast forward to 2020 and she’s trying to pass off classic R&B tunes as her own (most of her followers are young people who won’t have heard the original) and asking fans to “make a TikTok to my new song”.

She even filmed a whole damn music video for it:

Many were quick to point out she never gave Ashanti credit or even mentioned her when publicising and sharing the song, and she’s even made merchandise relating to her cover version.

Have to admit it does make me feel like a cranky old man giving this 16-year-old TikTok star shit for trying to pass off an old song as her own, and it might even be forgivable if her version was halfway decent. But it’s not – her voice is an absolute trainwreck. Don’t even get me started on that little wanker backup dancer of hers either.

Cohn addressed the situation in a brief tweet:

Completely glossing over how she at no point prior to the backlash credited it as such.

Not to mention she published it to Spotify under her own ‘Artist’ account:

Also, the fact she was selling merch related to the song:

I’m sure Irv Gotti is already on the case. No way you’re going to pass off Ashanti’s most famous song as your own to your millions of teenage followers on his watch. Foolish indeed!

Hit it:

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