This TikTok Of The Slender Man Frying An Egg Is The Funniest Video You’ll See This Month

Get ready for this.

There haven’t been that many funny videos that I can remember from this year – the videos from the storming of Capitol Hill definitely don’t count – so this TikTok below is straight out there in front for the title of funniest video of the year.

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I guess you’ve read the title so you have some kind of idea about what you’re going to see in the TikTok below, but I guarantee you that nothing can prepare you for how cursed it is and also how hilarious it is. I switched between thoughts of horror and laughing my ass off intermittently for the fifty seconds that it ran for. Really is something different.

Wow. How the hell do you even come up with the concept for something like that and then execute it so perfectly? Someone at Universal Pictures or wherever needs to track down the director and give them a budget because if they’ve got more ideas where that came from then they’ll be making millions in no time.

So out there yet so good. I’m not even sure if it’s supposed to be The Slender Man, but who cares when it evokes emotions like the ones everyone who is watching it seems to be feeling? Sign them up.

For more of the same, check out this documentary about the Slender Man killings. That shit was messed up.


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