Tiger King Got The ‘Honest Trailers’ Treatment And It’s So Accurate

It’s finally here.

Anyone who has logged online over the past month knows how massive the Tiger King phenomenon has been. In fact Netflix announced the other day that 64 MILLION households have watched Tiger King thus far, which is just insane.

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But the moment you know you’ve really made it as a TV show is when this joker with the awesome voice gives it an ‘Honest Trailer’ and rips the whole thing to pieces. Well that moment has finally arrived for Joe Exotic and the gang:

Love it. I mean he was pretty much spoilt for choice there as far as the number of people and things he could take the piss out of. We’re talking about some of the worst human beings on the planet who should all probably be in jail, never mind just Joe Exotic.

It does make you wonder though whether Tiger King would have been as big of a phenomenon if it didn’t drop as soon as quarantine got underway. Great timing indeed.

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