Big Brother Housemate Thinks Other Housemate Is Dead After Angie Bowie Reveals ‘David’s’ Death

Tiffany Pollard Angie Bowie

She didn’t specify which David had died.

Celebrity Big Brother is well known for plumbing the absolute worst of the worst when it comes to car crash television, but this is undoubtedly a new low for them.

Having controversially decided to tell Angie Bowie about her ex-husband’s death live on air (of course) and then allowing her to stay in the house for the duration of the competition, things got even more ridiculous when Angie left the diary room and just had to tell the nearest person about the tragedy. Declining to mention that the David who was dead was her ex husband, American reality television star Tiffany Pollard has an absolute meltdown when she misreads the situation and assumes that she means CBB housemate David Gest.

Awkward and unbelievable scenes follow:

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Jesus. Although that’s absolutely awful and unbelievable, I have got to admit that it was pretty entertaining. It’s going absolutely wild on social media too, so I suppose in some ways you’ve got to praise Channel 5 for knowing exactly what they’re doing in promoting their shows. In other ways though it’s pretty reprehensible that they’re cashing in on the grief of a woman losing her ex husband for ratings, but I suppose that’s just how the game is played these days isn’t it? It’s not exactly surprising is it?

Still, even this has got absolutely nothing on what goes down during Russian reality television shows.


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