VIDEO: Watch Woman Re-Enact 3 Hour Long Orgasm Really Badly

3 hour orgasm

A woman had such a long orgasm that she had to go to the ER to sort it out. Check out her terrible re-enactment of it here.

We’ve already talked about the show Sex Sent Me To The ER here on Sick Chirpse, when we featured a story from it where an overweight virgin almost killed his girlfriend the first time they had sex by smashing her face through the wall, and now they’ve come up with the goods again. Kinda.

On this week’s episode, they featured a story about a woman who somehow managed to have a three hour orgasm that just wouldn’t stop. As with all of the features they have on the show, it’s accompanied by the people involved talking about them and a really cheesy re-enactment, and this re-enactment is probably one of the worst ever. It’s like a terribly written soap opera with some of the worst attempts at ‘comedy’ in history alongside a fairly awful performance from the woman, as apparently having a three hour orgasm just means you hop around on both feet and look slightly exasperated/excited.

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