This Woman’s Boyfriend Had Spreadsheet For Every Single Thing He Bought Her



I guess that traditionally when it comes to relationships, women expect guys to spoil them and treat them to loads of awesome gifts all the time, but the strong independent woman narrative may have slightly put paid to those ideas.

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It can be a complicated situation sometimes, sure, but I think in any relationship nobody really expects everything to be paid for equally to the exact penny. That’s just a madness right?

However, there is one guy who definitely believes that equal rights should be transmitted into equal net spend in a relationship and he is the now unsurprisingly ex-boyfriend of TikTok user Maddy Blythe. She decided to take to the social media platform to talk about how he had an itemised spreadsheet down to the last penny of everything he spent on her.

Check out the clips below – the third one is a doozy:

@maddyblythe The audacity 🍞🍌 #finance #financetok #torontolife #cheap #personalfinance #moneytok #relationship #investing ♬ Selfcare-demo – Bella Moulden

@maddyblythe Replying to @k here’s what the excel spreadsheets looked like. I am in awe that I was okay with this honestly 😅 #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Money Maddy 💸

@maddyblythe Replying to @✨Maud + Malaysia ✨ ♬ original sound – Money Maddy 💸

@maddyblythe Replying to @managedbyolivia ♬ original sound – Money Maddy 💸

When my ex-bf charged me $3 for a banana and a piece of toast and sent me monthly excel spreadsheets of the money I owed him and I had no idea that’s not how normal relationships worked.

He would send me about one of these a month and as you can see he was nice enough to colour code it.

That was great and then at the bottom of this – I think it got cut out – would be the total.

Wow, as if the spreadsheets weren’t enough of a red flag, that story about when he snitched on her to the airport staff about not paying for checking her bag has to be one of the most awful relationship crazies I think I’ve ever heard? Why would you rather be on the side of the rich airline than your girlfriend of three years? Such asshole behaviour.

Can’t really believe that this guy exists, but Maddy does have the receipts to prove it so I guess we can’t really argue with her. Hope he starts his own TikTok trying to justify his actions because I would love to see him get ripped apart in the comments. I bet he thinks he’s 100% right in everything he did as well. You know the type.

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