This Woman Paid £712 For A Burger King Meal Deal

Felicity Cotton

Rip off mate.

We all know that Burger King no longer offers the secret £1.99 lunchtime deal, but even so, I don’t think anyone could’ve expected them to become quite so pricey.

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28-year-old Felicity Cotton recently ended up paying £712.38 for a bacon double cheeseburger and nacho burger meal. Yeah I think they might have overcharged you a bit mate. She said:

I only realised what had happened when I checked my bank balance two days later – and it was decimated.

I thought, ‘how have I spent that much money, I didn’t do that much shopping at the weekend?’

But then I scrolled down and saw the Burger King charge.

It was a massive shock – I had to look a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

Burger King receipt

Unfortunately for Felicity, the fast food outlet had added a 7 to the front of the amount by accident and she hadn’t checked before putting her PIN number in. I’ve got to say, I always forget to check the amount, especially when doing contactless. Maybe it’s time to start being a bit more careful.

Apparently Burger King aren’t being hasty enough with the refund. Felicity was told it would be back in her account the same day, but now it’s looking more like 10 days – and she hasn’t even received an apology.

I’ve got bills to pay, and by the time the money comes back it will have been nearly three weeks – it’s all having a knock-on effect, and it’s left me in a pretty difficult situation.

Obviously my main priority is getting my money back, but I’d still like an apology.

Yeah, I mean the least they could do is offer her some free coupons or some shit. Although maybe don’t offer a free Whopperrito – that shit looks gross.


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