This Trailer For Nocturnal Animals Is Extremely Creepy And Weird


This looks weird as fuck.

There have been a lot of creepy and tension filled movies that we’ve featured on the site this year, but this one might definitely be the weirdest.

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The name of the film is Nocturnal Animals and it’s from director Tom Ford, who is probably best known for ‘A Single Man’. Jake Gyllenhaal, Laura Linney and Amy Adams are all in it, so you can tell it’s going to be good just from the cast really can’t you?

The trailer itself is kinda confusing though – apparently the official synopsis says that Adams’ ex husband sends her a book dedicated to her and then the movie shows both what goes on in the manuscript and how this affects Adams’ character too, but I didn’t really get anything like that from the trailer really. It’s just really creepy and kinda scary:

Yeah I’m not really any the wiser about what the actual plot of the movie is there, but the trailer was certainly full of tension and a quiet foreboding of dread wasn’t it? Definitely one to check out on the 4th November.

Not sure if it’s going to end up being the creepiest movie of the year though – that honour surely has to go to Lights Out, doesn’t it?


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