This Student Managed To Spend £1.25 Million After A Clerical Error Gave Him An Unlimited Overdraft


Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Imagine if for some reason you were granted an unlimited overdraft at your bank. Whilst I would like to think that I wouldn’t abuse it because I would eventually have to pay all the money back, I would probably actually just completely blow it if I thought there weren’t going to be any repercussions. That’s exactly what this Australian doofus you can see above you did – to the tune of £1.25 million.

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Luke Moore lived an insanely extravagant lifestyle when he discovered his unlimited overdraft, spending money on crap like an Aston Martin, a speedboat, countless luxury holidays and a framed and autographed jersey of basketball legend Michael Jordan. I mean why not?

It turns out that a clerical error had given Moore the gift of an unlimited overdraft and he wasn’t going to be one to turn it down. Even after the authorities had been alerted that he had been overspending and not paying it back he continued to live this way on the run for two years before the cops managed to track him down. Not really sure why the bank didn’t just stop his card to prevent him from spending money, but maybe it was another clerical error or something. They don’t sound too smart in the first place so it really could have been anything.


Once the powers that be did finally catch up with Moore, he was eventually handed a four year jail sentence for his actions. However, he managed to walk free after a judge ruled that he hadn’t actually spent the money deceptively and it was actually the bank’s fault. What a lucky piece of shit.

To finish off this completely awful story, guess what the guy is up to now? He’s currently living with his mother in Goulburn, New South Wales and studying to become a criminal lawyer. You couldn’t make this shit up.

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