This Man Is Terrified Of Puppies

Heavily tattooed badass who is terrified of puppies confronts his fear with the help of Animal Planet’s Extreme Animal Phobias.

Meet Marvin, a heavily tattooed, muscular badass who turns to jelly at the sight of puppies.

To conquer his fear, he has to face the daunting task of petting an adorable four-month-old pit bull puppy. It takes him a while, because he’s scared to death of the thing – as in, seriously, deep-rootedly, paralyzed-by-the-fear type of scared. Presumably in case the cute puppy with the wagging tail lures him into a false state of happiness, then tears him to pieces.

“You’re not a coward!” encourages the lady from Animal Planet, as Marvin breaks down into tears. Yeah, give the guy a medal.

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Check out the video below:

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