This Lamborghini Poo Prank Ends In Tears And Tasers

What do you get if you poo on someone’s fancy car? You get the taser, that’s what.

People who own Lamborghinis deserve to get pranked every once in a while. If a Lamborghini gives you the power to pick up chicks without even talking, the owners should be happy to give the little guy a snigger every once in a while. It’s only fair.

This poop gag by the Czech pranksters – Viral Brothers – went a bit too far though. According to the dastardly duo, this Lamborghini driver had been a bit of a doosh and cut them up in traffic and given them the finger etc. So they decided to follow him, wait for him to leave the car and then lay a fake log on the bonnet of his car for shits and giggles.

It’s a pretty simple gag, and let’s face it, the idea of dropping a dead otter on a fancy car that belongs to a pillock is pretty appealing. But things soon took a turn for the worst when the owner comes back to find the muck on his car and pulls out a taser.

I bet they wished they’d actually damaged the car, like the noob who lobbed a stone at a Lamborghini.


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