This Is The First Picture Of Kanye West Since He Was Hospitalised


That’s not a good look.

Kanye West has been pictured for the first time since returning home from being in hospital due to a mental breakdown.

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Clearly his unsteady mental state has caught up with him, as he’s emerged from hospital with one of the shittest hairdos we’ve ever seen:


He couldn’t look more like a mental patient if he tried. Kanye has kept a low profile since leaving the facility. However, Italian artist Giovanni Leonardo Bassan shared a photo of the rapper on Instagram soon after, revealing his newly dyed blonde hair.

Aside from the shit hair, reports state that Kanye’s doing well and has been “more relaxed and focused” since returning home from hospital. Well that’s not good – he’ll probably be filling the world with shit music in no time.


Not sure how long that will last though, now that Kim’s thinking of leaving him.


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