This Is By Far The Worst Catwalk Entrance Of All Time


You had one job.

It is always a worry for a catwalk model that they might lose their footing and end up face planting the ground.

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That would be humiliating right? Well, imagine that not only did you stack it, but you also exposed your breasts while you were at it? It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Unfortunately for this Serbian model, that nightmare became a reality recently when she walked on a TV show and managed to pull both of those blunders in one go.

Poor girl. At least it was all over quite quickly – you don’t want to be dragging on the embarrassment for ages. I’d probably just cut my losses, turn around and leg it straight out of the TV studio. Fuck facing the cameras after that.

Maybe she should’ve used Cara Delevingne’s tip on how to nail the catwalk. It might’ve helped her balance.


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