This Guy Is Offering Free Donald Trump Tattoos And They’re Actually Popular

Only in America.

Bob Holmes from Clay Dragon tattoos in New Hampshire has been getting absolutely hounded since he announced the offer of free Donald Trump tattoos.


You would think that this started as a bit of a joke — surely no one would want that sour face on their body for the rest of their life (except his wife Melania, although that’s debatable)? On the contrary, Bob showed he is a full on Trump supporter when he said:

Trump is the only one that’s giving anybody any hope to do anything different in this country.

And it looks like he’s not alone. Since the offer people have been calling him every seven minutes. He’s even had to limit the number of tattoos to two or three a day so that he could make enough money from paying customers.

Donald Trump

Not only does Bob offer Trump’s face, but also his electoral slogans, the most popular being “Make America Great Again!” The ultimate triumph for Bob would be to see if Trump wants one himself — judging by how weird some of his campaign tactics have been, I really would not be surprised.

It’s not going to be the best look if Trump doesn’t get in — having an old, entrepreneur looking up at you is going to go out-of-date pretty fast. They’re not even well done – the second face looks as if Trump has taken a bruising. Wonder if any of them will make it into the list of most unfortunate tattoos on the internet?


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