This Guy’s Makeshift House In The Queue For Black Friday Is OVERLY Pimped Out

black friday

Smashed it.

This guy’s set up is pretty mad. We’ve all seen footage of Black Fridays gone by, where people trample over and taser one another, just so they can get to that sweet and totally unnecessary television for low low prices, haven’t we? Yep, you sure have, so collectively we already know Black Friday is consumerism at its absolute lowest ebb.

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Luckily for Jarvis Johnson however, he’ll likely bypass all the usual Friday madness thanks to his nice little set up he’s got going outside a Best Buy. Johnson tells Fox 10 whilst standing in his airy tent, accompanied by his mate Eduardo:

Early bird gets the worm, and I’m an early early early bird, so I got the worms!

All this so he can get in on the sales Friday morning? He even says he’s been out there for a week. Committed AF. He’s managed to get a TV, a microwave, electricity, a bed and he’s even working on getting wi-fi.

Johnson’s been camping out for Black Friday for eight years, but this is his most serious operation yet and he says he’s getting smarter every time. Wonder what next year will bring? Maybe he’ll just straight up buy Best Buy with all those discounted purchases he’ll be making.

Black Friday is a big bad thing in America. It’s in the UK now too, but in the US it’s been going for a while, so people have started to do anything to get ahead in the crowds, like this guy, who dressed up as an Army veteran only to get called out by a legit vet. Tragic.


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