This Guy Did The Dumbest Thing After Getting Locked Out Of His House


What an absolute muppet.

I dare say that we’ve all locked our keys in the house or the car at some point in our lives and had to do something stupid in order to get them back. But I don’t think any of us would have gone to the levels of extreme that this guy did.

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An unnamed 26-year-old man was rescued from a chimney in Tucson, Arizona over the weekend when he tried to enter his house through it after locking his keys inside. Although he made it to the floor of the house, the chimney narrowed at the bottom so he was unable to get out.

Instead, he shouted and screamed for four hours until a neighbour finally heard him and called the fire brigade, who were able to pull him out covered in soot as you can see below. He was obviously pretty grateful towards the firemen.






Lol – what an absolute muppet. Even the fire department completely ripped the dude by posting these pictures on their Facebook page and saying the following:

The subject, who was stuck in his chimney for up to four hours, stated that he locked his keys in the house and was attempting to go back inside.

Finally a neighbour heard him yelling for help and called Tucson Fire.

A Technical Rescue response was dispatched for a Confined Space Rescue, however, first arriving crews from Station’s Three and One were able to perform the rescue.

He did not appear to be injured, but was medically evaluated at the scene by paramedics.

Yeah he might not be injured but his pride is going to be forever wounded after that one. I mean look at him covered in soot – what an absolute idiot thinking he was going to be able to fit down the chimney – has he never seen how little distance there is between the fireplace and the chute? There’s no way most people would be able to get down there. Dude was clearly stoned.

For more chimneys, check out this girl who got stuck in a chimney whilst she was trying to stalk her ex boyfriend. Guess it’s more common than you think.


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