This Dude Getting A Giant Parasite Removed From His Nose Will Haunt Your Dreams



Thinking of all the stuff that is going on in your body and all the little parasites and weird creatures that could be hanging out at any moment in there is enough to make you take a long, cold shower. But after watching this video, you might just have a nervous breakdown. Or at least throw up.

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The video is of an American man who appears to have gotten the biggest tapeworm in history stuck up his nose. I’m not joking about that either, as it takes the nurse in the video about 30 seconds to pull the whole thing out of his snout. It’s humongous.

Not even sure how it could really even fit in there because it’s literally gigantic:

Ugh – that looks so rank and painful. Especially when the guy is screaming about how uncomfortable he is and he still has to endure about another 20 seconds of her pulling that motherfucker out of there. Completely and utterly grim.

For more tapeworms, check out this story about a guy who had a 6.2m tapeworm pulled out of his ass. Lay off the raw beef kids.


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