This Biker Sliced Off His Finger Tips To Avoid Identification

Sliced fingertips


A biker over in Israel who has a long history of traffic violations tried to cut off his fingertips in order to avoid identification after he was pulled over for yet another driving offence. That’s gotta hurt.

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As well as slicing up his fingers, he also provided the police with a fake drivers’ license when he was caught speeding in Jerusalem. Despite his extreme efforts, police managed to identify him as the guy who had already been suspended from driving for a previous hit and run.

The police issued a statement saying:

It became clear that the driver had been sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment and had his license revoked for five years after he was found guilty of causing a car accident and fleeing the scene.

But how did he manage to cut his fingers? Well, when he was pulled over for speeding, he attempted to flee and accidentally drove into another vehicle (this dude really shouldn’t be on the road). He was then taken to hospital for treatment. After he was released, the guy rocked up to the police station where the officers noticed the cuts on his fingertips.

The dude tried to say that the injuries were a result of the crash, although it’s pretty obvious that that is a massive porky. The police came to the same conclusion and he is awaiting his trial.

At least this dude wasn’t drink driving – although if he had been, he could’ve always blamed the alcohol levels on eating a piece of beer battered fish. Solid excuse right there.


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