This Artist’s Twisted Re-Imagining Of The Simpsons Opening Credits Is Trippy As Hell

This is utterly disturbing.

Other than the odd occasion where they switch it up for Halloween or something, the Simpsons opening credits have pretty much remained the same for 26 seasons. Which is fine because it’s one of the most iconic and well-made intros in TV history.


In tribute to the show’s 25th anniversary however, French artist Yoann Hervo created his own ultra-disturbing version of the opening credits titled “Weird Simpsons VHS”.

Wrap your head around this one:

Yoann explained that he and fellow artists Charles Huettner, Ivan Dixon and James Hately were going to produce their own Simpsons episode but that fell through, although Hervo wanted to finish the intro himself. Well, mission accomplished mate and thanks for the nightmares.

Now for the weirdest Simpsons couch gag of all time – check this bad boy out.


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