This Act Of Kindness Resulted In The Ultimate Act Of Ultimate Revenge (VIDEO)


When you’re driving around, nothing makes me more angry than getting cut off by someone who then  proceeds to flip you off, so I can perfectly understand the reaction of the biker in this video. It’s pretty special.

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In the video, the biker is riding along minding his own business when some dickhead pulls out in front of him and cuts him off. Little did the guy driving the car know though, he had actually left his wallet on the roof of his car and it fell off into the road when he was pulling out.

Rather than be a complete prick about it despite the fact he had every reason to, the biker decided to pick it up and follow the car and give it back to the dude. Instead, he ended up getting flipped off and decided to impart the ultimate revenge on this loser in undeniable style. Check it out:


How stoned do you have to be to leave your stuff on the top of the car though? Guy must have been absolutely blazed to leave everything up there – I suppose when you base your entire look on Alien from Spring Breakers though you’re going to be a bit of an idiot.

For more lost wallets, check out the note this guy received when his lost wallet was returned. Brutally honest.


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