Best New Tumblr Find – Thirstiest Men Of Instagram

Thirstiest Men Of Instagram Featured

Thirstiest men of Instagram isn’t about guys with their tops off drinking isotonic sports drinks, it’s about sex trolls commenting on instagram pictures of hot girls with comments like ‘would love to make you fart cumm bubbles’

Thirstiest Men Of Instagram Featured

Shout out to my man Jeremy Gordon for pointing us in the direction of this great new tumblr find. It’s called Thirstiest Men Of Instagram, which for once when it comes to Best New Tumblr Finds is actually a slightly misleading title. I mean what are you expecting to find, a bunch of pictures of hot guys drinking Diet Coke like in that old advert when it was 11:30 and those dumb office bitches would perv on that builder drinking his Diet Coke? That’s not a bad shout but it’s hardly the kind of tumblr we’re going to feature on Sick Chirpse is it?

No in this context thirst refers to that unquenchable thirst for pussy that most guys experience at all points throughout their life, and the guys who think that commenting on a hot girl’s sexy instagram photo is going to enable them to get into said girl’s panties. Get a grip guy, like that is ever gonna work. If it worked don’t you think everyone would be doing it?

To be fair though, if you look at most of the pictures featured on this tumblr with the inane comment from some douchebag whiteboy faux Eminem loser then it seems like maybe everyone IS trying it so maybe it DOES actually work? I don’t really feel like that’s true so I guess the only other explanation is that all these guys are retards who don’t know how to chirpse girls and think that this will actually work.

Instead some cool dude decided to make a tumblr and laugh at all their dumb comments, which I guess isn’t exactly what they were hoping for when they made those comments. They are all pretty much ridiculous ranging from such gems as ‘can I lick nutella out of you butthole?’ (you is a not a typo) to the slightly sweeter but more uneducated ‘Dmn I wsh I waz takin u out I wuld luv, 2 have u on my arm’ and they are just the tip of the iceberg.  Check out some of the best ones we’ve found below, or if you want some more head on over to Thirstiest Men Of Instagram:

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