These Women Will Get Fired If They Don’t Make Out With Their Creepy Boss Each Morning


Even worse than a morning meeting.

A video has emerged of a boss demanding that every female employee kisses him on the lips before they start work. Surely that’s not allowed.

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Each morning, the women at the brewery company in Beijing, China, have to line up to kiss him between 9am and 9.30am and if they refuse to do so, they could face losing their jobs. The manager claims that it creates a ‘positive working environment’. Yeah, for you, you absolute creep. These women are just terrified of losing their jobs – I bet they dread that segment of the day.

The boss has since been slammed online for his creepy ritual, although he still stands by his word that it’s good for the company. I don’t know much about women’s and worker’s rights over in China, but I hardly think that can be legal, can it?

Then again, their policies on female parking are pretty darn questionable.


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