These ‘Racist’ Soap Dispensers Don’t Work For Black People

Racist soap dispenser

Discrimination is everywhere.

The last place you’d imagine racial discrimination to come into play is in the toilet, but nevertheless this unlikely scenario has happened through the use of some automatic soap dispensers.

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The dispensers, which have been dubbed ‘racist’, don’t give out soap to black people. Prejudice is everywhere.

An African-America guest, T.J. Fitzpatrick, and his white friend Larry decided to put these dispensers to the test at a sci-fi convention in Atlanta.

Racist sinks – I didn’t see that one coming. Here’s what T.J. had to say:

I wasn’t offended, but it was so intriguing, like ‘Why is it not recognising me?’

I tried all the soap dispensers in that restroom, there were maybe 10, and none of them worked.

Any time I went into that restroom, I had to have my friend get the soap for me.

This is a pretty big balls up from the dispenser company – it’s quite obvious that they only tested the sensor part on people with white skin. Now that this video has racked up over 3 million views, hopefully the developers of this technology sort it out. We’ve got enough problems in the world as it is, without the addition of racist bloody sinks.


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