Theresa May Goes SICK At The National Trust For Removing ‘Easter’ From Their Egg Hunts

Political correctness gone mad.

You might have heard that Cadbury’s and The National Trust are rebranding their national Easter egg hunt as simply an “egg hunt” to appeal to non-Christians in Britain.

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Naturally, the Church of England is not happy about this and neither is Prime Minister Theresa May.

She says:

I think the stance they’ve taken is absolutely ridiculous and I don’t know what they’re thinking about.

Easter’s very important. It’s important to me, it’s a very important festival for the Christian faith for millions across the world.

So I think what the National Trust is doing is frankly just ridiculous.

People on Twitter were not too happy either:

It is a bit of a piss-take to be honest. I mean Jesus didn’t die for our sins and then rise again on Easter so that the word ‘Easter’ could no longer be uttered, did he? How are you supposed to even teach children about Easter if you can’t even talk about it in fear of offending the non-Christian kids? I mean it IS an Easter egg hunt… why else would anyone be out hunting eggs?!

Madness. I’m going to order one of these delicious Buckfast Easter Eggs just to get over it.


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