There’s Still A Chance Trump Won’t Be President

Possibly only a faint one though.

Concerns about voter fraud in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, have led to third-party candidate Jill Stein launching a campaign to recount votes.

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Doubts about the legitimacy of the vote in these key states were raised when a correlation between places where electronic voting machines were used and a lower turnout for Clinton was discovered; leading some to suspect that the machines were infected with malware. It’s certainly a possibility, though even the people behind the discovery think it’s unlikely.

Anyway, no matter how remote the possibilty of overturning the result is, Stein’s not giving up, and of course with so many people hugely dissatisfied by Trump’s victory, she has a lot of support behind her. She managed to raise the two million dollars needed to recount the Wisconsin vote in a matter of days.

In my opinion though, Trump winning was, if anything, a sign that the election wasn’t rigged. I thought, if it was going to be rigged at all, it would be in favour of Clinton, since the vast majority of the political elite were on her side.

So despite losing all faith in American Democracy that day, I did gain a little more faith in the American electoral process. However, I don’t want to completely discount the conspiracy theory that Trump joined the Illuminati half way through his campaign. How else would you explain his sudden tendency to make the 666 sign during speeches?


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If foul play is proven to have taken place then I hope the votes are recounted, though I fear discrediting Trump at this stage would do little to heal the massive socio-political rift in America. And throwing the whole electoral process into disrepute is probably something that neither the Republicans or the Democrats want to do.

Hey, do you remember all that fuss in Florida when George Bush narrowly beat Al Gore? Do you remember when they found missing ballot boxes in hotel rooms and the like? Do you? No? Nor do I.

Perhaps the stresses of being President-elect will prove too much for Trump’s heart and he won’t even make it to the inauguration.


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