There’s A Really Stupid Conspiracy Theory About Coronavirus And Google Spreading Online

The dumbest one yet.

Remember a couple of months ago when a whole bunch of people thought that new 5G radiation masts were responsible for Coronavirus?

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The vast majority of us thought that that was stupid and now there’s an even stupider conspiracy that’s emerged linking the spread of Coronavirus with the Google search engine itself. It was apparently started by right wing commentator Jim Hoft on the ‘Gateway Pundit’ website, where he claimed that Google were pushing ‘panic porn Coronavirus headlines’ that fuelled the pandemic, but it quickly found an audience on Twitter and spread like wildfire.

Here’s a few of the hottest takes:

I mean that doesn’t even sound like it might be real to me when you think about it for just one second. Considering coronavirus is a global pandemic and there are millions of hyperlocal news sites covering small areas on the internet, it makes sense that there would be a bunch of different sites writing headlines about each and every outbreak/increase in death count. It’s not rocket science.

On top of this, some guy from Google came out at the start of the crisis and said that Google was pivoting to providing more news about Coronavirus through search because people were actively looking for more of it, and then went on to explain how search engine algorithms work in the first place in very basic terms so that everyone can understand.

Yeah, exactly – there’s no conspiracy theory here you freaking idiots. Quit whining about dumb shit on Twitter and go get a hobby or something.

For more of the same, check out the full extent of the 5G/Coronavirus conspiracy theory. So dumb.


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