There’s Now A Club Where You Can Pay To Smash A Room To Pieces With A Baseball Bat

Wrecking club

Organised venting.

I’m sure we’re all guilty of smashing up our valuables during times of rage. I’ve definitely smashed a few plates during a particularly heated argument.

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There’s no denying that it’s the perfect way to gratify the anger at that moment in time, but then when the rage subsides you’re left with a load of broken stuff. If only there was somewhere you could go and vent your anger in an organised and safe environment.

Well, luckily you no longer have to wish for this setup – or at least not if you live in New York – as someone has set up the ‘Wrecking Club’. The new Manhattan business allows customers to pay just under $40 (about £32) to smash up as much as they want with a baseball bat, sledgehammer or crow bar for 20 minutes.

The room comes pre-loaded with shit to break including monitors, TVs, laptops, desktops, alarm clocks, china, fax machines – and you can even bring your own shit with you to smash. It’s a cool way to make use out of old junk and also, as founder Tom Daly says, a decent form of exercise:

It’s a great release of energy, and it’s one hell of a workout to boot.

This is a great idea if you ask me. It’s like a therapy session and a gym workout all mixed into one. I just hope this idea makes its way over to London – I’d much rather spend 20 minutes in the Wrecking Club than tirelessly jogging along on a treadmill.


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