There’s A Massive Adult Only Ball Park On Its Way To The UK


Great news for those of us yet to grow up.

We all used to love ball pools when we were kids. We loved them when we were a bit bigger than kids, and probably too old to be in them. We even love them when we go to our young relative’s birthday party and talk about how they should have a massive one for adults, so we don’t accidentally nail a child in the eye with an elbow.

Wish granted.

What’s even better is the fact it’s all in the name of science. So when your mum tell’s you to ‘grow up’ for getting excited about it, you can tell her to pipe down, because you’re a scientist now.

Manchester Science Festival is hosting the massive pool for you to go jump about in, pushing your mates over, and hurting yourself trying backflips. For science, remember.

Ballpark 2

There’s proof that even a short amount of playtime can help relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. It also encourages coherent thinking, which I know I could definitely do with a bit more of.

It’s going to be located at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), and can even be booked for private groups and board meetings.

Who fancies organising a trip, and being balls deep in science?


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