The Wire is so well loved that now it even has its own set of wind up toys depicting some of the best characters.

It was pretty cool when The Wire got its own version of Monopoly huh? I think it’s cooler that some dude made little wind up toys of a bunch of the characters though. The dude is called Mister Frothee (dumb name) and you can check out his flickr page HERE. In the meantime though you might as well check out these pictures of some wind up versions of some of the best characters in The Wire. You’ve got Jimmy McNulty, Bunk Moreland, Bubbles, Omar Little and Kima Greggs. All  of the wind up toys come with little props, so you know Bunk has his cigar, Omar has his shot gun and Bubbles has a heroin needle. Not sure why McNulty has a gun and not some kind of alcoholic beverage though.

Apparently Mister Frothee is alwready working on a second set of characters from the The Wire which is set to feature Lt. Cedric Daniels, Lester Freamon, Herc, Stringer Bell and Jay Landsman. Are you thinking who the hell is Jay Landsman? Yeah, me too and I was a pretty big fan of The Wire. Although who isn’t right? Anyway Jay Landsman is that really fat cop who isn’t in in that much. I’m pretty sure he hates McNulty too but then everyone on the force hated McNulty so it doesn’t really narrow it down.  You’ll know him when you see him. I think his wind up toy will look pretty special.

Anyway for now you can just enjoy these wind up toys of the characters that have been made so far below. You can also find out who the BEST CHARACTER EVER in The Wire is HERE.


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