The Rock Returns To WWE Raw

Finally, The Rock has come back home

Finally, after 7 long years, The Rock has come back to WWE RAW. I haven’t watched wrestling in a long time and it’s even longer since I was involved in completely nerdy activities like e-feds, but I completely marked out upon hearing of The Great One’s return and immediately had to find footage of the event. It wasn’t a disappointment as the shivers ran down my spine upon hearing ‘If you smell what The Rock is cooking’ and i couldn’t stop laughing as he cut one of the best promos I’ve ever seen, ripping on everyone from John Cena to Justin Beiber to Michael Cole to Facebook, and of course utilising pretty much every single one of his famous catchphrases. It turns out he’s going to be the guest host of this year’s Wrestlemania, as he’s the only man in the world electrifying enough to make it work. As Michael Cole states at the end of this video, ‘we will never forget this day:’


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