The Rock Vs Cristiano Ronaldo In A WWE Wrestling Match For The Hand Of Irina Shayk

The Rock Vs Cristiano Ronaldo

The fight we’ve been waiting for finally goes down.

Since Cristiano Ronaldo’s split with Irina Shayk,  last month the media has been full of speculation that The Rock had swooped in and nabbed her off him. There’s absolutely no real reason to say that – The Rock hasn’t commented on it at all – but that hasn’t stopped the sharks circling and the rumours flying around.

One fanboy has enjoyed the idea so much that he’s taken his obsession to the next level and decided to create a simulation of a WWE wrestling match between The Rock and Cristiano Ronaldo for the hand of Irina Shayk. It’s even taking place at Wrestlemania XXX.

As you might expect, it features all your usual entrances and high flying moves, although it’s a bit disappointing we don’t see some of The Rock’s signature classics. There’s also some great Spanish commentary that’s been overdubbed on the match for some reason and Irina Shayk is at ringside too. Pretty much perfect – if only it could happen in real life.

The only thing that would make it better would be if The Rock performed one of his amazing promos beforehand.

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