The Red Dead Redemption Launch Trailer Is Finally Here

Red Dead 2

Everything you wanted to know about the game’s story finally revealed.

It’s now only one week away until Red Dead Redemption 2 finally hits our screens after about seven thousand years of waiting and anticipating it and Rockstar are going to give us one last tease before the big reveal in the shape of its launch trailer.

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The trailers that we’ve witnessed so far have mainly focussed on the action and gameplay associated with the game without any real idea of what the story would involve, other than you were a gunslinging outlaw named Arthur Morgan. The launch trailer looks to expand on that by giving you some idea of what’s going on up there in the plot and maybe what could be described as spoilers – so maybe avoid watching it if you want to come into the game fresh next Friday.

For everyone else, go right ahead:

Yeah I mean that didn’t tell us that much really did it, other than that there are going to be a bunch of train robberies and it looks like Arthur is going to probably end up betraying/getting betrayed by his own gang at some point during the narrative. That bear looked kinda scary coming for you as well didn’t it?

Only one more week to go anyhow. If you wanna get more hyped then click here, there’s a lot more content out there to get excited about.


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