I sent the Sick Chirpser down to the live stream of the Rapture show because I was in Budapest. Here’s what he thought of it.

So you remember The Rapture? I know Timw_brap already did a couple of posts about this live stream but when he asked me to go down because he couldn’t make it I was like The Rapture? Really? Didn’t they split up? I remember seeing them on an NME awards tour back in 2002 maybe with Funeral For a Friend and Franz Ferdinand. Think I know who came out the best off that tour. Anyway, I don’t think I watched them that night I just smoked cigarettes instead. You could still smoke indoors back then.

Anyway when Timw asked me to go down I figured I might as well, what had I got to lose? That House of Jealous Lovers song was pretty cool whenever I went to indie disco clubs at uni, and it was free and I knew a girl who really liked The Rapture too, which I guess is kind of bizarre in 2011. If it sucked I could just go and smoke cigarettes like last time. Although this time it would have to be outside.

When I got to the show it was a bit of a disappointment as, firstly they had the show upstairs so you couldn’t bowl at the same time and I had been really looking forward to that aspect of it. And secondly, they didn’t have either of the names they should have had on the list. I was like dammit, that Timw guy – what an jerk. But they let us up any way. The moral here is be confident and you’ll probably get in to these things anyway.

The Rapture had already started once I got up there and i proceeded to hear about 5 or 6 songs that sounded exactly the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – they have this fun retro funk sound that’s pretty unique compared to anything else mainstream so I enjoyed it for what it was worth.  Then they played House of Jealous lovers which is the song I mentioned that you will probably remember from indie clubs at uni if you’re as old as me. They probably still play it at indie clubs now though anyhow – It’s a cracker.

I didn’t find it nearly as fun after standing through all their other indentikit songs. It might have been because I wasn’t drunk in an indie club at uni trying to get my dick wet as well though This time though they got this girl, Simona, to play a cow bell on stage with them. Apparently she had sent in a video of herself playing along. Vice or Noisey or whoever should edit together the dumbest of the other entries and stick them on Youtube, there are bound to be a few as clearly some people still find The Rapture relevant and want to have special engagements with them.

The Rapture then closed up their set by playing three new tunes – or at least the girl I was with who is a big fan told me they were. First was this house tune which I thought was too long. Then this MGMT sounding song which might be a winner. You know one of those songs that people are instantly nostalgic about? And it’s been a while since “Kids” came out so there’s probably a bit of a gap in the market. Finally, they played this slow song with a boring piano riff that I didn’t like. The girl I was with, the massive Rapture fan, didn’t like it either.

After that I played air hockey with her for a bit and we left. It was a pretty good event I guess. Here are a couple of really crap photos I got on my phone from it because Timw asked me to take some.


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