The Prodigy Sign To The Same Music Group As Calvin Harris And Deadmau5


Is a new album coming later this year? You bet.

The Prodigy have announced that they’ve signed a new record deal with Three Six Zero music which is associated with Warner Bros and also houses Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and Nero. Although it’s only been a label since earlier this year, the company has been running as a management firm since 2007. The label – and signing The Prodigy – are just a couple of the new strings to its bow as it expands in 2014. Liam Howlett had the following to say about the announcement – and The Prodigy’s plans for the rest of the year, including touring and a new album:

‘Looking forward to seeing some more daylight once the record is done after all this time working on beats in the bunker and looking forward to bringing some fresh noise to the USA again. The album will be out later this year. Bring it on!’

Let’s hope it sounds better than this version of Firestarter with no music and just Keith Flint’s vocals. Here’s my favourite Prodigy song to celebrate:


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