The Sick Chirpser returns and tells you how to bed a girl within 8 hours of meeting her – also known as The Perfect Game.

As I alleged to in my previous post about how to chirpse girls in college, The Game is an Internet phenomenon originating in what I imagine to be a selection of socially awkward men who devised what essentially became academic rules for use in natural social interactions. These rules are the replacement for the normal social skills that somehow evaded them through their developmental years. As much as I dislike these titles and rules – as they detract from the nature of genuinely good game whilst removing the fun and spontaneity – it is true that authentic SickChirpse owes a lot to The Game. As a great man once said, it’s all about The Game and how you play it.

The Original Gamer

The Perfect Game

Supposedly, The Perfect Game from start to finish is 8 hours. That is to say that from the point of first contact it takes 8 hours of perfect gaming before the woman is ready to engage in full (consensual) intercourse.

Below is my example of The Perfect Game, although I am unaware if it counts if it is over two meetings?! I assume not, but for the purpose of this post we will assume it is legitimate. Also, I don’t claim to be overly knowledgeable about the Game. I read the book when I was 18 and the rest is all from memory. So, if someone reads this who feels somehow slighted at my lack of knowledge please forgive the errors but also refer to the first paragraph and my last post – The Game is over but granted, some of its principles endure.

So from here on out I will relay the (almost) Perfect Game that I accomplished as well as try to contextualise it in the lingo of Pick Up Artists (PUAs) where possible. Despite my contempt for The Game, as I’ve stated previously, sometimes its terminology is just the best way to describe the phenomenon of scoring chicks.

Stage One — The Introduction

Duration: 45 minutes

The Introduction

I read once that you should introduce yourself within 3 minutes of eye contact with a girl as to wait longer before approaching portrays an absence of confidence and a degree of creepiness. I waited about 10 minutes to do this. Go figure, but hey check out where it ends up. We caught each other’s eye early on which is always a good indicator of interest (IOI). I like to call this eye fvcking (EF) and for extreme cases – such as this – eye fvcking the shit out of me! And once the first IOI is initiated, from here the Game begins…..

It seems to me it is almost insignificant as to what your first line is along as it isn’t something wildly offensive such as, “Let me put my dick in you.” The cheeky approach is always a winner and co-incides quite well with a harmless one liner such as, “Do you like raisins? Because I would love to take you on a date.” But I digress. My approach was simple and somewhat harmless simply being, “Hey, could I sit here?” Clearly, there was no other chair on the table, but as I said the initial line holds very little importance and despite the question being a complete non-entity, the girl in question was willing to entertain me for a while at least. I mean of course she was, she was eyefucking the shit out of me.

She later confided in me that as I came across as “a friendly guy” she thought she would listen to what I had to say before deciding if she should tell me to get lost. It is for this reason that it is so important not to immediately come across as a “predator” in these situation. However, I am well aware that this can all be dependent on circumstance and location – I imagine most girls in Magaluf and Ibiza are searching for little more than responsive male sexual organs.

The next 45 minutes was all groundwork before she had to leave. This period is the most important and the least easily imitated for PUAs except those who have rigid game plans, pull some cards out or something of the like. But like I said before, everyone is on to that shit and girls know all about it, so if you want to get anywhere you’ve got to step up your game. In this interaction, I essentially focused on not coming across as a threat, aiming to be viewed by my target as a ‘nice guy’ rather than some tongue waggling gawking male (TWGM).

This is a surprisingly easy step for those who have natural social awareness, as it simply involves having a normal conversation with someone. ‘What do you do?’ ‘Where are you from?’ etc are all perfectly harmless and seemingly “probing” questions. One point that is regularly overlooked by those with no game/chirpse is the listening part of this exchange. You must listen. Fortunately, I find women fascinating so this isn’t very difficult but for the TWGM this is a startlingly alien concept. The key here is to “regurgitate” their material at some point in the early exchanges to demonstrate you HAVE been listening and therefore that you have a genuine interest (GI) rather than TWGM interest (TWGMI). I won’t indulge you further with the details as I am not a PUA and this part of the Game should very much be about YOU and YOUR character — not learning or attempting to imitate someone else’s.

In this case Stage One always ends in a phone number and promises of a date — or not if you so choose. A cheeky goodbye kiss is also worth a try depending on your take of the situation. In this instance I went for a kiss on the cheek before swivelling my head for a small kiss on the lips — everyone likes a cheeky chappie – and she was smiling as I left her.



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