The New ‘Black Mirror’ Advertisement Is So Scarily On Point With Reality


This is worryingly realistic.

Season three of ‘Black Mirror’ has been an absolute triumph, and while Charlie Brooker and the team have done an amazing job of creating an entertaining series based on various dystopian futures, some of them have been frighteningly close to our current reality. In particular ‘Nosedive’, where everyone’s interaction is rated on a social media app (we’re already pretty much there with Uber, Instragram, Facebook and Airbnb).

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Quite obviously aware of the show’s uncanny ability to predict future technology advancements, Netflix has teamed up with ‘Black Mirror’ for its most recent advertisement, which is almost an episode in itself. ‘Introducing Netflix Vista’ shows a creepy world in which people are able to watch Netflix wherever they are through a chip and lens system installed in their head.

Creepy shit right? Although still pretty plausible.

If you haven’t managed to already, you should definitely check out the six episodes of series three that are currently available on Netflix. And there’ll be another six released as part of the same season, although the launch date for these is currently unspecified. We’ll keep you posted.

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