The Magic Of The Elephant’s Trunk

Have you ever thought much about the elephant’s trunk? No, me neither. It turns out they are AWESOME.

A trunk can rip up trees, but at the same time can just as easily crack a peanut shell without breaking the nut inside. The elephant can gently wipe its eyes, lift up to 350kg in weight or hold 8.5 litres of water. He can pick up a pin, reach 7m into the air or dig for water in the dirt.

Elephant Trunk - Use Purpose Skill - Fight

Some elephants preferentially twist their trunks to the right whilst others are congenital lefties. The mighty trunk also enables elephants to spray dust over themselves which protects against the annoyance of insects and the glare of the equatorial noon day sun.

Elephant Trunk - Use Purpose Skill - Dog in Trunk

African elephants have bigger ears than Asian elephants as I’m sure you’ll remember from the pub quiz. But did you know that the African elephant has two finger like prongs coming from the end of its trunk, whereas the Asian elephant has just the one, like the chap in the picture below?

Elephant Trunk - Use Purpose Skill - Close up

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