The New ‘It’ Movie Just Got Its Very Own LEGO Remake

Lego Pennywise

Watch Pennywise get blocky.

You just know that something has made a significant impact on popular culture when it’s remade in LEGO these days, so the people behind the new version of Stephen King’s ‘It’ must be absolutely jumping for joy that their movie has already been recreated in the stuff a full two and a half weeks before its release date.

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Of course, it’s fairly difficult to recreate Pennywise effectively in LEGO due to his unusual appearance and costume, but aside from that YouTube user 22 Bricks has done a remarkably good job of faithfully recreating some of the most terrifying scenes from the trailer. Take a look below and see what you think:

Yeah, fair play to the guy because that must have taken absolutely ages for him to sort out.

Love the way that he’s still managed to make it really ominous and scary even though he’s using LEGO rather than actual live action actors. Very impressive stuff and my favourite part definitely has to be when Bill is talking to Georgie at the end then Pennywise just charges at the camera. Spooky.

For more ‘It’ hype, why not check out the actual trailer too? We all float down here.


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