The Internet’s Goings Nuts For This Kid’s Homemade Dinosaur Movies

Prehistoric Channel

Spielberg – take a step back.

This boy produces his own stop motion dinosaur epics with just models, a camera and some great music. He also makes animated videos of dinosaur death matches and he dabbles in reviewing dinosaur models – releasing the videos on his aptly named the prehistoric channel.

This is his most popular instalment yet with over a million views, and you can see by the comments on the video how happy he is and how much he enjoys what he does.

For me, I think ‘humans vs dinosaurs stykz’ is one of his finest works.

Check out his channel for more, he is a prolific uploader and has added a new video pretty much every day since he started on the 28th May 2015.
Recently he hit the big time when someone posted one of his videos onto Reddit making the front page. In 3 days his subscriber count went from 22 to almost 90,000. Which is understandable because it really is feel good watching at its best. When this happened he initially thought there had been a problem with YouTube and released a statement in a video thanking all his viewers and new subscribers.

If this kid and his wild imagination keep at it and his passion for filmmaking continues he probably will make it the film industry one day. Who knows he could be the Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson of his generation. I for one hope he does.


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