Peter Jackson Set To Screw Up The Hobbit

Lord of The Rings director and slimming icon Peter Jackson has shot The Hobbit all funny…

Peter Jackson ruining a Hobbit's doorway.

Feature films are traditionally shot at 24 frames per second (fps) – simply, it’s what makes them look like films and not Home and Away. TV is shot at a faster speed and looks more real, less rich and more like boring old real life. Probably not the right decision if you wanted to film, say… I dunno, a mythical world of dragons and wizards and that. Peter Jackson, in his infinite wisdom, has decided to shoot The Hobbit at 48fps and in doing so, has apparently made a knob up of the whole job. A bloke from the LA Times attended CinemaCon and saw a 10 minute preview of the film. He explains the knob up below:

Indeed, the footage shown did seem hyper-realistic. An opening aerial shot of dramatic rocky mountains appeared clearer than the images in most nature documentaries. But the effect was different when applied to scenes with actors dressed in period costume, whose every move – and pore – was crystal clear. Such realism put off some trade show attendees, who complained the footage didn’t feel enough like a traditional film. 

THEY’VE RUINED IT. It’s going to look like a shit History channel documentary re-enactment. In 3D. If it doesn’t, it’ll be because PJ read this and sorted his shit out.


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